Study on safe water access

Country: Sierra Leone
Organization: Inter Aide
Years supported: 2007-2010

Having already noted the reliability of Inter Aide’s approach on other projects, Pro Victimis commissioned the operator to carry out an independent investigation on suspected flaws in water supply projects in Sierra Leone.

There were persistent rumors of many malfunctions, which had to be examined closely with a view to their definitive rectification.

In late 2010, Inter Aide conducted an extensive study of three cities and 2,907 villages featuring a total population of nearly 1.2 million people, representing 20% of the country’s inhabitants and living in almost 34% of its surface area. The study revealed that only 30% of all installations were capable of providing a safe water supply all year round.

The analysis highlighted at least three major dysfunctions:

1) poor construction quality preventing proper operation of facilities;
2) overlooked social and logistic factors, which are however viewed as key for the proper operation of installations; and
3) the lack of a suitable maintenance mechanism for water points.

The study funded by the Foundation highlighted also the gaps between the intentions of the operating and/or donor organizations and the realities observed in the field.

download the study :

Icon of Provictimis Water Access Survey Provictimis Water Access Survey (2.2 MiB)
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