Ever since it was established, Pro Victimis has been dedicated to bringing about lasting changes in the lives of the most vulnerable communities in developing countries. The Foundation primarily supports the victims of forgotten or unrecognized disasters (extreme forms of exploitation, chronic consequences of armed conflict, natural or industrial disasters, etc.).

Today, its activities include those population groups which are most exposed to the consequences of conflict, exploitation, discrimination and injustice. The Foundation endeavors to help them regain their rights and dignity, obtain compensation and recover their autonomy.


The projects we support are based on the following values:

  • The dignity and autonomy of human beings, whoever they may be.
  • Equality between men and women.
  • Respect for human rights
  • Access to justice.

The Foundation gives priority to

  • Projects which directly or indirectly defend the values to which it is committed
  • Projects which offer original solutions to problems generally regarded as insoluble or even as “lost causes”
  • Projects which aim at a “systemic” effect, i.e. which address the causes of the problems taken up, not only their negative effects.
  • Projects which have a lasting impact leading to virtuous cycles that empower beneficiaries and consolidate their rights rather than inducing dependence.

Established in Geneva under Swiss law in 1988, Pro Victimis is a private grant making foundation.

A Board of Trustees fixes the main program areas and decides on funding allocation. An executive team composed of a Director and three coworkers analyses the projects with a view to their submission to the Board for approval.

The Director is responsible for ensuring the quality of the projects chosen, their implementation and their outcomes.

Board of Trustees

Ms. Doris Pfister
MSc Organizational Behaviour (Birkbeck College); Lic.oec.publ. (Zurich University), Consultant, Former ICRC delegate/Director of resources and operational support.
Prof Alexis Keller
LL.M, Phd, Dr.h.c, Professor of History of Legal and Political Thought at the Faculty of Law, University of Geneva.
Dr Véronique Lambert
Spécialité FMH : Médecine interne ; Médecin d’urgence (SSMUS).
Prof Louis Loutan
Master’s in Public Health from Harvard SPH; Specialist in tropical medicine and in International and Humanitarian Medicine. Former head of the Department of International and Humanitarian Medicine at the Geneva University Hospital.
Mr. Denis Pittet
Master in finance, Master in Law, qualified attorney; associate manager of a private bank; Responsible for the philanthropic activities of a private bank.


Director : Ms. Ariane Waldvogel
MA Political Science (University of Lausanne), MSc Development Studies (London School of Economics)

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