Independent legal representation of victims of crimes of war and crimes against humanity

Region: Africa
Organization: Civitas Maxima
Years supported: 2012-2013

Prosecution of those responsible for international crimes remains the exception rather than the rule. Civitas Maxima therefore decided to act where national and international legal authorities are clearly doing nothing.

Its method consists of putting together files, preserving evidence and identifying those suspected of crimes of war and crimes against humanity living in countries with legislation that allows their prosecution.

Civitas Maxima also wishes to restore the key role of victims in their search for justice by allowing them to take action, without relying on the good will of national or international authorities, with the help of specialized, independent lawyers and investigators.

Since it was established in 2012, Civitas Maxima has already put together more than 200 files on international crime victims from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast. It has established several partnerships with both academic institutions and other organizations, above all in Africa. In addition, several criminal investigations have already been launched, primarily in Europe, on the basis of its files.

Pro Victimis provided the seed funding allowing the operational set-up of Civitas Maxima.

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