Our thematic priorities

Gender based violence

Violence against women
Sexual violence against men
Abuse and violence against minors
Violence against LGBTIQ minorities

Fight against sexual violence and other types of gender-based violence, prioritizing violence against women.


Facilitate accessibility

Disease / debilitating syndrome

Combating stigma

Local capacity building

Support for the integration and autonomy of people living with a disability, physical and / or mental.

Violations of fundamental rights

Crimes against humanity, genocide, natural disaster
Land grabbing, ethnic minority rights, torture
Human trafficking, modern slavery

Fight against serious violations of fundamental rights against vulnerable people due to a specific situation.

Our Geographical priorities

18 priority countries

Thematic criteria always take precedence over geographical ones

AsiaCentral AsiaAfricaMiddle East & North AfricaCentral America
Burkina Faso
Central African Republic
Sierra Leone

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Some examples of projects funded by the Foundation

Gender based violence

1medica mondialeStrengthening and extending local solidarity and protection networks to reduce violence against women and girlsLibéria
2ActionAidTowards Justice & Dignity for the Women Survivors of Sepur ZarcoGuatemala
3Fondation Dr. Denis MukwegeTransfert de compétences pour un renforcement du soutien offert aux victimes de violences sexuellesGuinée
4Refugee Law ProjectMedical Support & Awareness Raising for Refugee Victims of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence against MenOuganda
5IAMANEHCounselling center for perpetratorsAlbanie


1The Hospital and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled ChildrenMobile Medical Camps for Children with Physical DisabilitiesNepal
2Medical Assistance Sierra LeoneImproving Access to Treatment & Support for People with EpilepsySierra Leone
3Transitions Foundation of GuatemalaConstruction and equipment of a new wheelchair factoryGuatemala
4PandorgaAutism training program in Rio Grande do SulBrésil

Violations of fondamental rights:

1SANK – AVSFAppui aux communautés indigènes Q’eqchi’Guatemala
2Global WitnessAddressing impacts of « Land grab » forfeituresAsie du Sud Est
3Ceasefire Centre for Civilian RightsImproving protection for the rights of civilians in YemenYemen

Project submission

The Foundation supports projects that share its mission, values, and approach, and are consistent with its thematic and geographic priorities. In order to put the odds on your side, please read carefully and completely the information on the Foundation’s website.

The Pro Victimis Foundation can receive applications at any time of the year.

The projects presented to the Foundation are put in competition. It is important to know that regardless of the quantity of exchanges or the duration of the study phases of a project, the Secretariat is never able to guarantee a favorable outcome until the final decision which is always taken by the Foundation’s Board.

Our eligibility criteria:
  • Be implemented by a national or international NGO with recognized expertise, proven skills, and direct responsibility for the project. Preference is given to national NGOs, international NGOs will need to be able to demonstrate their added value
  • Have prior experience with the project’s activities and with international financing
  • Have an annual organizational budget of less than CHF 10 million. By “organizational” we mean national and / or international entities belonging to the same structure
  • Co-financing of the project is preferred
The Foundation is inclined to support:
  • Medical, psychosocial and economic rehabilitation for self-reconstruction
  • Work with perpetrators of GBVs
  • Prevention and education for a change of mentality
  • Combating stigmatization
  • Building local capacity
  • Accessibility and integration of people living with a physical and / or mental handicap
  • Combating the effects of disabling diseases / syndromes (e.g. fistula, epilepsy, etc.)
  • Strengthening legislation and law enforcement
  • The fight against denial and impunity

Moreover, in exceptional cases and only if the medium- or long-term financial perspectives are encouraging, the coverage of an existing deficit, the provision of seed funding or the granting of a loan may be considered.

The Foundation is not inclined to support:
  • Projects aimed solely at advocacy;
  • Projects aimed solely at legal matters;
  • Medical research projects.
Our restrictions :

The Foundation does not fund (non exhaustive list) :

  • Emergency relief operations in the aftermath of a natural or man-made disaster.
  • Projects related to widely publicized situations;
  • Organizations without previous experience with international grants, unless the project is conducted in partnership with a more experienced organization;
  • Activities entirely dependent on permanent international funding, at a cost disproportionate to the context;
  • Organizations / projects with partisan political objectives;
  • Religious activities or programs serving specific religious or faith-based groups. Nevertheless, faith-based organizations are allowed to apply for funding if the proposed project targets segments of the population that are not related to their religious affiliation, while meeting our other criteria;
  • Campaigns or fundraising events;
  • Individual needs (eg care, housing, scholarships / training / research, etc.).

Submit your enquiry

Step 1 – enquiry submission

Download the PDF file here :

(If the PDF file does not open and is not downloaded automatically, right-click on the page that opens and select “Save As …”).

You must use Adobe Reader to edit and save the form. This software is free and available for both Windows and Mac. http://get.adobe.com/fr/reader/otherversions/

Fill out the identification form and prepare all the documents mentioned on page 3 of the sheet.

The file can only be submitted in French or in English.

To return your file by email click here.

An acknowledgment of receipt is sent by the Secretariat of the Foundation after receiving your request.

Step 2 – study and pre-selection by the Secretariat

A delay of 6 to 8 weeks is necessary for the examination of the files. You do not need to call or write before this time. The Secretariat reserves the right, at any time, to obtain the opinion of third parties on the presentation file.

After reviewing your initial file, the Secretariat informs you of its decision:

If the Foundation cannot support your project, we will notify of its refusal in writing.
If the Foundation invites you to submit a complete project, you will then receive all the information necessary for the continuation of the procedure.
Please note that an invitation to submit a full proposal does not mean that the Foundation is committed to funding your initiative.

Depending on the complexity of the project, the study of a complete proposal may take 3 to 6 months (or more, in some exceptional cases). This period makes it possible, among other things, to consult the technical committee and check the references. At the end of the full file review period, the Secretariat will inform you by email whether or not the project has been selected for submission to the Board.

Whatever the quantity of the exchanges or the length of the study phase of a project, the Secretariat is never able to guarantee a favorable outcome.

Step 3 – Board decision

Projects pre-selected by the Secretariat are presented competitively at quarterly Board meetings. In addition to the quality, relevance and adequacy compared to the Foundation’s mission and approach, the Board also takes into account its budgetary constraints.

Only the Board can approve the funding of projects.

Due to the large number of requests, the Foundation regrets not being able to provide for each of them detailed and individualized explanations of the decision taken.

Our evaluation criteria 

Not all of the following points apply to each project, but they reflect the Foundation’s approach to partnership choices. As the Foundation seeks to distribute its support as equitably as possible among its geographic and thematic priorities, certain internal considerations may also affect the outcome of a submission, even if a project is fully in line with the priorities of the Foundation and the evaluation criteria below:

The submitting Organisation :
  • The knowledge and expertise of the applicant / operator organization, both in terms of the geographical context and the scope of activities proposed.
  • The ability of the operator to provide a comprehensive, but concise (including financial) overview of its activities in general and to describe how the proposed project fits into this broader setting. Pro Victimis needs to understand the “whole situation” instead of a “fragmented vision”.
  • The ability of the operator to formulate his project and budget in a precise and consistent manner.
The Project :
  • Local anchoring of the project, including the involvement of target populations and local partners in the development and implementation of the project.
  • The place given to women in the project, including their inclusion in decision-making processes and project management.
  • The extent to which the project targets the root causes of the problem.
  • The long-term impact of the project, which should propose sustainable solutions by strengthening local resources and making a significant and measurable change in terms of social utility and relevance.
  • Its potential leverage.
  • Its degree of adaptability in other contexts.
  • The relevance of the exit strategy to ensure the sustainability of the project impact.
The Budget :
  • Consistency of the budget and its suitability for both the proposed activities and the context.
  • Mobilization of support from several sources.
Evaluation :
  • Prospects for evaluating results, depending on the quality of the indicators and the reliability of the means of verification.
  • The ability to clearly distinguish and articulate outputs, outcomes and impacts.

If you have questions, please take time to visit our Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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